Listening to Consumers and Customers

To make sure we’re meeting the needs of our customers and consumers, we listen to the people who buy and use our products.

Retailers expect high levels of service and reliability from Crayola and we work to meet their needs.  Through high speed information and distribution systems, the company continues to build its reputation as a valued partner to retail customers.

When parents, teachers, kids, artists, or hobbyists have questions about our products, help is only a phone call, e-mail message, or letter away.  Consumer Affairs representatives answer more then 300,000 calls, letters, and e-mail messages every year.  By helping consumers better understand Crayola products, we gain valuable feedback to measure quality and improve our products. 

For More Information About Our Company Write:

Crayola Benelux Consumer Services
Rietbaan 48
2908LP  Capelle aan den IJssel

The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 10 45 96 580

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