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Art Director Game

Art Director Game coloring page

Concernant Art Director Game

Directions for Making the Art Director Game:
1. Cut out the large square, along the thick, solid lines. 2. Color in the dots, crayons, squares and triangles inside the large square. 3. Fold the four corners back, along the solid lines. 4. Fold the four new corners in toward the center of the page, along the dotted lines. 5. Now fold the entire square in half, with the crayons on the outside. Unfold, and then fold it in half the opposite way, with the crayons still on the outside. 6. Using two hands, slip your thumbs and forefingers under the crayon flaps. Move your forefingers and thumbs to pinch sections together and push sections apart. Now you have your art director, and you're ready to play the game. Directions for Playing the Game:
1. Hold the art director closed, so you can only see the crayon flaps. Ask a partner to pick one of the crayon colors. Spell out the answer, switching between pinching sections together and pulling sections apart as you say each letter. When you finish spelling the color name, you should see 4 sets of dots in the middle of the art director. 2. Ask your partner to choose a number that matches one of the sets of dots. Count out the number while pinching and pulling sections. Repeat. 3. Ask your partner to choose one more number. Lift the flap that matches that number, and read the message under it. The message will tell you an activity to try!