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Earths Rotation

Earth's Rotation coloring page

Concernant Earths Rotation

1. Use Crayola® crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color the Earth Mobile pictures. 2. Glue each of them to a thin piece of cardboard. For example, try a recycled cereal box or file folder. 3. Cut out the pictures, and ask an adult to help you punch a hole through each one. 4. Tie pieces of string or ribbon through each hole. Then tie them to a plastic hanger. 5. Ask an adult to help you hang your mobile to decorate for Earth Day! Did you know?
On January 8, 1851, physicist Jean Faucault demonstrated that the Earth rotates on its axis. The device he used in his Paris home to prove this is known as Faucault's Pendulum. Binney & Smith produces nearly 3 billion crayons each year - an average of twelve million daily. That's enough to circle the earth 6 times!