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Gold Discovery

Gold Discovery coloring page

Concernant Gold Discovery

Use Crayola® crayons, colored pencils, or markers to draw gold jewelry on the girl. Design earrings and a necklace for her. Next, color the Fool's Gold. Then draw gold rings and bracelets on the hand. Did you know?
Gold is a very popular metal. There are many uses for gold, such as jewelry, electronics, or painting. The Great Gold Rush in the 1800's caused many people to move to California in search for gold and fortune. Chalcopyrite, fool's gold, is sometimes mistaken for gold. Calcopyrite is a type of copper. The color is green yellow. This metal is hard but flakes off. "Gold panning" means searching for gold in rivers. Panning uses a pan to sift through the river banks. The water washes away the dirt and, if you're lucky, leaves gold pieces.