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Halloween Message Game

Halloween Message Game coloring page

Concernant Halloween Message Game

1. Print the Halloween Message Game page, and cut out the large square. 2. Decorate the pictures. 3. Flip the paper upside down and fold the four corners along the solid line. 4. Flip the square over again so the side with the messages is up. Fold the four corners in on the dotted lines. 5. Now fold the entire square in half so that the crayons are on the outside. Unfold, and then fold it in half the opposite way. 6. Using two hands, slip thumbs and forefingers under the crayons. Pinch and push the sections apart. How to Play:
1. Ask a partner to pick a color. Spell out the answer, while pinching and pulling sections apart. 2. Ask the partner to choose a number. Count the answer aloud while pinching and pulling sections. Repeat. 3. Ask the partner to choose one more number. Lift the flap and read the message under that number.