Adventures With Flat Stanley

Adventures With Flat Stanley craft

Flat Stanley, a children's book, has sparked a very popular project with children and teachers. Kids send their own versions of Flat Stanley to friends and family around the globe. Try this project for some flat out fun and learning.

  • 1.

    After reading Flat Stanley, form your own 3-D object with Crayola® Model Magic®-maybe an elephant, bicycle, or cactus. Then imagine what the object would look like if it were flattened, much as Flat Stanley was.

  • 2.

    Now flatten your creation with a rolling pin. How has it changed? What could be some advantages for this flattened item?

  • 3.

    Form other 3-D objects, and flatten them without using the rolling pin. Find different ways to do this. Then experiment by making other real-life 3-D things flat to begin with.

  • 4.

    When the modeling compound for your flat objects dries, add details with Crayola Washable Markers and/or Crayola Washable Kid's Paint and Paint Brushes. Be sure to use newspaper under your work area if you use paint.

  • 5.

    Send your flat item to friends or family. Ask them to take its picture and send you stories about its adventures, just like Flat Stanley had.