Alien or Astronaut

Alien or Astronaut? craft

What do space aliens look like to Earthlings? What do our astronauts look like to Martians? This split-headed puppet is just the beginning of your space adventure!

  • 1.

    Read the story It Came From Outer Space. Did the ending surprise you? Think about how you pictured the alien in your mind before you read the last page.

  • 2.

    Use Crayola® Model Magic® to shape an alien. Will it have one or more heads? Arms? Legs? You choose! We made ours with a head that is split in two: alien and astronaut.

  • 3.

    Push a craft stick into the body to create a puppet. Air-dry your puppet overnight.

  • 4.

    Cover your craft area with newspaper. Paint your puppet with Crayola Kid’s Paint and Paint Brushes. Air-dry before your puppet heads to outer space.